Name of Organization Non Grata
Description of organization

Around the name NON GRATA there have been different hushes and sushes for a long time. Already from the point of view of death of conventionalization of art it has embodied the horrible and unwanted disembodiment of human person, from which the meaninglessness of nowadays art, is pouring out. For those, whose world of arts starts from the point, where the art world ends, NONGRATA has been a liberator, the orphic gap in the seemingly unalterable course, which however betrays us, it is a cure from insest. The main point of the group is ethical - it is the image of primitivism, unpersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presenatations are physical texts, whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the group members. Aesthetical and provocative challenges are represented in places, where the Art World doesn´t work.

Festivals and events

Non Grata organizes a performance art festival Diverse Universe since 2005 which is an offspring of festival Art Non Grata which started in 1998. Diverse Universe is now an Europe wide travelling festival collaborating with numerous different art event organizers in different countries.

Also anual Film & Video Festival and Printmaking In are organized by Non Grata - these festivals are experimental and have goals of merging different mediums and creative approaches in making art.


Representative Anonymous Boh



 Suur-Posti 16, Pärnu

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