Name of Organization Nyte (ry)
Description of organization

NYTE is a artist association founded in 1987 to promote young artists. NYTE is running Gallery 3h+k which is a non-profit gallery
in the center of Pori, a town in west coast of Finland with population of
around 80.000. NYTE gets
its funding from public funds and the town of Pori.

Festivals and events

Throughout the year there is art exhibitions and different kind of Performance events, live music clubs and experimental video screenings at the gallery. The main events are annual two-day Perf -festival in May and Porin Juhlaviikot , Pori Festival in December. Porin Juhlaviikot is a loose concept of live art and screenings during two weeks. Both festivals take place in the gallery 3h+k. Perf is organized together with artist association T.E.H.D.A.S. ry from the year 2005. One of our main goals is to think new ways to operate with the gallery concept. When it comes to us we like to think that there`s
nothing that can`t be done in our space.

Representative Jussi Matilainen, Simo Saarikoski, Pauli Hirtolahti



 maaherrankatu 32
28100 pori

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