Name of Organization Skånes Konstförening
Description of organization

Skånes Konstförening was formed in 1904 by artist and has ever since played an active and important role in the region's art scene over the years.

Contemporary art today seems both regionally and internationally, Skånes Konstförening shows Nordic and international contemporary art and invite international artists to the art scene in Skåne. All for an increased exchange of experiences, ideas and networking.

We are more than 100 years but still burns for pleasure and interest to spread the art of Skåne and the art life in Skåne to the rest of the world.

Festivals and events

Skånes Konstförening organizes approximately eight exhibitions in the gallery every year. And
we also running a stage for live and crossover art "Skånes scene for live and crossover art '
is a space connected to the gallery and our aim is to highlight the performing arts in all its forms,
performance, music, theater, cinema, exhibitions, screenings and more. Mainly we are interested in
small, experimental groups / acts.

Representative Skånes Konstförening Board:
Malin Josefin Forssell- art educator, Anna Sandberg- art critic, Malin Svensson- artist / musician, Marthe Aune Eriksen- artist, Morgan Schagerberg- artist, Rickard Daun- artist / musician,
Per Brunskog- artist / art critic, Marthe Aune Eriksen- artist, Aron Fleming Falk- artist/musician.

Skånes Konstförening, scene for live and crossoverart
Bragegatan 15, 214 30 Malmö, SWEDEN
phone +46 40-103380, E-mail:

Morgan Schagerberg,, +46 73 0677271
Aron Fleming Falk, +46 70 440 87 50

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